Parent Engagement

Prepared for Life.
Moving People
  • Communication

  • Self-development

  • Leadership Skills

  • Financial Stability

Prepared to Parent.
Big Brother Soccer
  • Engagement

  • Advocacy

  • Acceptance

Prepared for Employment.
Working Tools
  • Remodel/Rehab

  • Transportation Services

  • Skills and Trades

Services:  Building Families

Skills to Develop:
Open Book
  • Strength and Stamina

  • Building and Mechanical Knowledge

  • Critical Reasoning Skills

  • Willingness to Learn

Job Readiness:
Experience in Trades
House Painting
Job Placement: 
Employment Opportunities
  1. Carpentry

  2. Electrical

  3. Painting

  4. Plumbing

  5. Roofing

  6. Drywall

  7. HVAC

Patent Preparation and Prosecution
  • Transportation services (Medicare/Medicaid)

  • Environmental Modification Services

  • Assistance with Career and Training certificates

Additional Services:
Business Conference
  • Access to family resources

  • Access to lawyers

  • Child support resources

  • Navigating the court system

  • Father to Father support groups

Children Who Grow Up With Involved Fathers


more likely to earn A's in school

less likely to be suspended or expelled from school

less likely to have a teen birth

less likely to spend time in jail