About Father-to-Father, LLC. 

We are a company of service dedicated to fatherhood engagement.  We prepare men for life, employment and parenting.  We utilize construction, renovation, remodeling and rehabbing as the vehicle to prepare our men for employment.  Additionally, we take the time to prepare and guide our men on various issues related to life and parenting.

Hammers on Rack
Hammers on Rack


How Father-to-Father Came to Be...

       A father pondered what legacy he could leave for his son and grandchildren.  Thru reflection and discussion, Father-to-Father was born....a company with a service focus. Our purpose... to build communities by building families. We utilize residential development and property rehabilitation to empower fathers to learn trades of sustainability and rebuild homes...creating communities.

Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools
Project Managers


George Keeylen, Jr. (G.K.)

tel. (317) 223-8238

DeWayne Keeylen

tel. (317) 223-8236